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Markaz Al Hareem provides Online Courses Solution in World Wide.

This journey of Makarza Al-Haram was started on April 1, 2019 by Haya Hareem, who is a Mufti. I have to provide skills and knowledge and prepare them to play a positive role in the society.

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Hareem Center Services

Reading department

Two month introductory workshop in every semester for awareness of Uloom al-Qur'an Basic and specialized courses in Tajweed-e-Qur'an

Department of Al-Qur'an Studies and Tafsir

Conducting short lectures on understanding the Quran and monthly lessons on the Quran.

Department of Specialization in Jurisprudence and Ifta

A one-year workshop for ordinary women on the understanding of jurisprudence and other important topics - Fatwas issued from Dar-ul-Iftaa Center al-Haram

Department of Specialization in Biography and History

Conducting various meetings on the biography of the prophet and writing and speaking competitions on the topics of biography and writing essays on various topics.


According to all the religious and worldly needs of the delicate gender, various sittings are organized here


Dr. Saeed Ahmad Inayatullah Ustad Al-Hadith Madrasa Sultiya Ameer Khatman Nabubat is patronizing the center of Haram

Aims and Objectives

Educational training and welfare services and various learning courses for women

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